5 Things to do right after you get engaged

It’s that time of year. The summertime is when a lot of people get engaged and if you are one of them then a massive congratulations (I hope you had an extra large glass of champagne to celebrate whilst not being able to take your eyes off that big shiny new rock on your finger).
Once you’ve done the initial celebrating I find that brides tend to struggle to know what to do in the first few weeks of being engaged and so I thought I’d write this quick guide to help you on your way.

1) Tell your nearest and dearest

The first thing you’ll want to do is tell those nearest to you about your big news. This can be done however you want, whether that’s in-person/on social media/via text/by sending them a card but make sure that you are only telling people who you will definitely invite to your wedding though, it avoids that awkwardness later on.

2) Get a rough idea of when you want to get married

This doesn’t have to be an exact date, for instance you can just decide on Spring 2021. The important thing when choosing your rough date though is to decide whether you want to get married quickly or have a longer engagement. If you get married quickly there will be less ummming and ahhhhing over certain decisions as you know that you have to make them but then again a longer engagement will enable you to save more money to put towards your wedding.

3) Come up with a list of potential venues

Perhaps you have an ideal venue in mind already but if you’re not sure about where you’d want to get married it’s time to do your research. I’d recommend narrowing your list down to 3-5 venues and then booking in viewings with them.
These viewings are a good time to look around and get a feeling of what the venue looks like. It is also a great opportunity to ask important questions, such as:
  • “What’s the availability like during Spring 2021?” (or any other period of the year)
  • “Do you have on-site caterers or do we have to bring our own in?”
  • “Are you licensed for legal ceremonies?”
  • “Do you have a list of recommended suppliers?”
  • “Do you supply the wine or charge corkage if we bring our own?”
  • “Can we decorate the venue how we want?”
  • “What’s the minimum number of guests we can have and do you charge extra per head for any amount over that?”

4) Choose your venue and the date

Once you’ve viewed your venues you now have to narrow them down to the one you want to get married in. This can be a tough choice and it’s got to be a decision that both of you make. Once you’ve chosen your venue book them in for the date that you want and voila, now the real wedding planning begins.

5) Send out ‘Save the Date’ invites

It is now time to send out your ‘Save the Date’ invites. This will definitely make everything seem much more real and the next stage of wedding planning will be to start sourcing suppliers and everything else that goes with it but that’s a blog post for another day.
Planning a wedding is extremely exciting and I definitely recommend getting a wedding planning folder so that you are as organised as possible. I wish you all the best with your planning and once again a huge congratulations on your engagement.

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