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I was looking back on the blog posts that I have written over the last few months and realised that I’ve written about quite a few topics but there’s one that I haven’t tackled yet, one that I probably should…and that’s to tell you a little bit about me, as a person and a photographer.
When you get married you want to know that you can trust your wedding photographer and I believe that that trust starts with knowing as much about me as possible, even before we meet for the first time.
So, here it goes…Hi, I’m Dan. A 30 year old wedding photographer based in Basingstoke, Hampshire. I set up Daniel Thomas Photography nearly 4 years ago because I wanted to turn my passion into a full time job and I wanted to do something that mattered.
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So, how did I get into photography? Well, I have always enjoyed capturing beautiful moments. When I was a child I was always videoing family events and holidays on my parents camcorder (remember those?). I’d them transfer these videos to a slow, bulky computer, edit them and transfer them to a DVD. I loved the creative process that was involved. I took the love that I had for creating these home movies to university as I did a degree in Broadcast Journalism, which concentrated heavily on filming and editing projects to tight deadlines (this might be starting to sound like a CV, sorry? ). It was in university (2009 to be exact) that I really discovered photography and I instantly knew that I preferred it to videography. I spent the next 9 years shooting landscapes, which I really enjoyed doing, but it was in 2017 that I shot my first portrait (many thanks to my girlfriend for modelling for me). I instantly fell in love with photographing people, which has led me to becoming a wedding photographer, which just involves capturing special moments all the time…that’s such a dream come true.
Of course, I also have a life outside of photography. As I mentioned earlier, I live in Basingstoke and I moved to Hampshire from Cardiff, where I was born and bred, 4 years ago. I live with my better half and 2 kittens (although I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to keep calling them kittens as they’re 2 years old now).
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I love woodland walks and spending some quality time with friends, which is usually really difficult to arrange as we’re all so busy. I am currently addicted to the TV show Outlander (if you have Amazon Prime then give it a watch, it’s amazing). Also anything rustic and I’m all over it, I just adore that kind of aesthetic. I also love a bad joke (I think they’re good but I’ve been informed on many, many occasions that they aren’t) and travelling. I just find it so refreshing and interesting to visit new places, especially if the place I’m visiting has a lot of history.
Well, that’s it. A sort of pit stop of all things Dan. So, please have a look around my website and get in touch, whether you want to book in a consultation or just ask me some questions to get to know me and my process even more.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Dan XX

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