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I’m Dan Thomas, a professional London Wedding Photographer.

I originally started out photographing weddings in Hampshire but now I have expanded my services to London and my work takes me all across the city, in both central London and the outer zones.

London Weddings

London weddings are not complete without amazing photos to look back on and relive the day. For the best results with finding your wedding photographer, it’s important to put some time into your search for the perfect one. After all, hiring a wedding photographer is a big task and something you should be looking forward to with your upcoming nuptials.

A wedding photographer who specialises in wedding photography is usually your best bet for breathtaking wedding photos that bring back all the amazing memories long after the day is over. In terms of wedding planning, photography and the venue are two of the top things to figure out early on, so that you can have some of the biggest items checked off your wedding planning to-do list. With your location and wedding photographer locked in, you can move on to the smaller details to pull your dream wedding together.

Why Do You Need Wedding Photography?

The first step to finding a wedding photographer and figuring out your photography plan is understanding why you need one in the first place. Some couples, especially those who are trying to save money, think they can go without professional photography. While this may work for a select few couples who want a really casual wedding, for the majority of weddings where people want high-quality photos, a professional wedding photographer is the way to go. The last thing you want to do is have an awesome wedding day and then look back and realise you didn’t get any of the photos you wanted. These moments can be cherished forever, but you need the right wedding photographer by your side to capture all those precious memories.

One major wedding regret by many couples is not prioritising wedding photography enough. With everything going on with wedding planning, it’s easy for photography and other services to slip down the list but leaving this too late can result in lacklustre, inexperienced photography that doesn’t meet your standards or no professional photography at all. If you’re still on the fence about wedding photography and not sure if you want to hire someone, keep in mind that these gorgeous photos may not just be for your benefit. Your family and friends can appreciate your wedding photography investment too. You can gift these sweet snapshots to your loved ones such as parents, grandparents or siblings who supported your relationship and helped you pull off your wedding.

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Unlocking Your Photography Style

All your family and friends should be happy and appreciative of your decision to hire a professional for your wedding photography, and your wedding party will likely enjoy the chance to get their photos snapped alongside the bride and groom. Of course, you want this to be an enjoyable experience for you too, and that’s why it’s a good idea to brainstorm your ideal London wedding photos and look for inspiration from other weddings you’ve been to. There are a few questions you can ask yourself to help make sense of your photography preferences, which in turn will make it easier to find a photographer to capture your wedding in beautiful photos.

  • Do you like bright bursts of colour, traditional black and white, or a bit of both?
  • Do you enjoy having your photos taken or do you think you will need some time to warm up to the camera?
  • Do you prefer wedding photos with light, airy backgrounds or high drama?
  • What do your favourite wedding photos look like? Are they full of colour and personality, or more classic and romantic?
  • What do you like looking at more: posed photos or candids?
  • How do you imagine photos of your pre-wedding prep and the ceremony? Do you want lots of fun getting ready shots or more intimate shots of just you two?
  • How important are photos of small accent pieces like your wedding bouquet, the dress and wedding favours beforehand? Do you only want photos of people or are you happy with shots of accessories and the venue too?

A Variety of London Wedding Photographers to Consider

Different photographers will ask you other questions to get a better feel for what you want out of your wedding photography, but this is a good place to start. Your photography style may also be influenced by the overall style and tone of your wedding. Are you going for a classic, luxurious event or a more casual boho party with a touch of glam? Your photographer should be able to match the look and feel of your big day with their photos. Just remember that it’s perfectly okay to want a mix of both posed and candid photos, or people and accessory shots. As long as you are open and honest with your photographer about what you like and don’t like, they can work with you to achieve the best possible photos.

Photography Suited to Your Venue

Another aspect of wedding photography is finding a professional who can do your venue justice and capture images of the surroundings in their best light. London is a delightful spot for documentary photography. Whether you’re getting married in a town hall, hotel, stately home, a historical venue or a public space, the right wedding photographer should be familiar with your venue or if they haven’t shot at your venue before, your photographer should be willing to do some research or even scope out the location ahead of time. This is what I do with venues I haven’t shot at before. I always time how long it takes me to get to the venue so that I know that my timings are all ok on the day and also if you are having your ceremony at one location and reception at another I make sure to do a dry run between the two so I know how long it takes. I’ll also talk to the wedding coordinator to make sure that I understand how they run a wedding day.

Leading London wedding venues include One Great George Street, Fulham Palace and St Pancras Renaissance Hotel. Hiring a wedding photographer with experience in wedding venues similar to yours is beneficial so that you can rest assured they understand the setting and can pull off the desired style for your wedding photos. It’s no secret that the beautiful and historic streets and gardens of London offer some unforgettable backdrops for outdoor weddings in addition to the lovely historic buildings and indoor venues, so no matter where you choose to get married, London will have a venue for you.

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Narrowing Down Your Photography Options

Finding a photographer to work your wedding in London may be a little overwhelming at times, mainly because there are a lot of wedding photos to look at and different styles and ideas to consider. You will likely be looking for a venue and photographer around the same time as well as starting to plan other aspects of your wedding, so you may have a lot on your mind. While you can’t really go wrong with any of the key wedding venues in London, such as Lauderdale House, Strawberry Hill House, Hampton Court House or Islington Town Hall, you should always remember the end goal and vision for your wedding. Some venues and photographers are better suited to large, luxurious gatherings, while others may be renowned for their quaint, charming weddings.

The top wedding photographers have full wedding galleries that you can view if you ask for them with a strong web presence so you can view their work and get a good sense of what they have to offer. There’s no better way to see what a wedding photographer brings to the table than by viewing their portfolio of pictures and seeing how their previous work stacks up to your expectations for your wedding. If you can find a few wedding photos you really like and gather a few recommended photographers from venues or people you know, then you can make your list and reach out from there.

Of course, you want your photographer to be professional, but you always want to feel comfortable and at ease with them. Someone friendly who is willing to get to know you and your fiancé as a couple will help you get the best photos without interrupting your big day. Your photographer should be there to support you and make your wedding photo dreams come true, whether you need elaborate engagement shots or an engagement shoot to practise getting comfortable in front of the camera ahead of time. The more relaxed you feel in front of your wedding photographer, the happier you will be with your photos. After doing your research, trust your instinct and choose the wedding photographer who meets your requirements, answers all your questions and shares the same vision for your day.

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Your London Wedding

The easiest way to decide on a London wedding photographer is to start chatting with professionals to see who you like and what wedding portfolio work inspires you. Every bride and groom deserves an exceptional wedding day complete with stunning photos. If you’re interested in learning more about my wedding photography services in London get in touch with me via my contact form and we can have a chat about what you want from your wedding photographer.




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