Why you should invest in a wedding album

Why You Should Invest in a Wedding Album

So many photos are taken everyday now. Thanks to the smartphone you can easily snap a moment without a second thought. However, how many of these images do you actually look at again? How many do you print out?

Most of the photos that you take on your smartphone are going to be just snapshots. They'll be you seeing something and then taking a picture of it just because you can, so it doesn't matter too much if you don't print them. However, there are occassions when photos are more than just snapshots, when they should be printed. These occassions include family get togethers, birthdays, Christmases, christenings and, of course, weddings.

Weddings are such an important milestone in your life and if you are reading this then you'll already be thinking about having your wedding day professionally photographed (and if you are still torn about whether to have a professional photographer or not then I recommend reading one of my earlier blogs on this topic). So if you are having a professional photographer (how many times can I say professional photographer in a paragrah?) then you should have you photos printed professionally as well.

I'm not just saying this to try and upsell you an album, buying a wedding album is an investment, so you may not think that you need one here and now but in 50 years time you'll be able to pull it off a shelf to show your grand children. After all, who knows where technology will be in 50 years time. Perhaps USB sticks are no longer a valid form of storage or maybe you'll lose your USB (they are small after all) or your computer will crash and lose all your data. These are all real possibilities, I mean can you find photos that you took 10 or 15 years ago but didn't print out?

Another point that was brought to my attention only the other day was that it is more than likely that we have trained ourselves to associate a computer screen with moving images as we watch so many films, tv programmes and other content on a screen, whereas with a book or hard copy album we don't expect the images to move so they hold our attention longer allowing us to pick out more details in the photo.

The point I'm trying to make is that a wedding album is an investment and even though you may not see the immediate gratification in it, a few years down the line it will become very obvious why it was worth spending the money on a high quality album. If you can't afford one straight away (as weddings are expensive) then save up for it and treat yourselves to it as a Christmas present. I keep your photographs for many years after your wedding, just in case you lose them or want more copies (and I know that many other photographers do this as well), so you can ask me to create one for you at a later date (or perhaps ask wedding guest to contribute towards one?)

Whatever you decide, I think it is extremely important to have a wedding album, so please get in touch to talk about them or ask any questions that you may have.